Payroll services

Payroll accounting for a smoother business

If you have ever tried managing your own payroll, you will know that there is much to consider. If a mistake is made, the consequences can be extremely damaging. Late or inaccurate payslips can lead to disgruntled employees, and HMRC won’t hesitate to issue a penalty if you fail to understand your financial obligations.

Whether you are a self-employed entity, or an established business with 100+ employees, Michael Omiros can provide a genuinely bespoke payroll solution that makes your business run more smoothly.

A full-service digital payroll solution

  • Full administration of PAYE and employee/employer national insurance
  • Preparation of payslips in line with statutory obligations
  • Holiday, sick, and maternity pay all accounted for
  • Complete management of statutory forms, and liaison with HMRC
  • Regular staff cost analysis and payroll reports
  • Clear and concise presentation using HMRC-approved payroll software
  • Complete handling of pension schemes and termination payments
  • Bonus, incentive, and commission payments

How do we simplify things?

We realise that when you outsource your payroll, you want to use that free time to grow your business. You don’t want an accounting service that’s always bothering you with questions and formalities.

That’s why we have a simple, yet effective, method of acquiring the information we need to get the ball rolling, and it’s centred around clear communication.  We also use HMRC-approved software that can easily integrate with your other business management systems.

Outsource your payroll needs to a company that’s been trusted by other successful businesses for over 15 years. Just call us on 020 8449 9090 or use the contact form to book your FREE consultation.