Company secretarial services

Meet your statutory compliance obligations with confidence

The role of a company secretary should never be underestimated. It is their remit to ensure that all of a company’s statutory requirements are met. This includes the filing of applicable returns, submission of annual accounts, and maintaining the company’s register – to name just a few.

In addition, they are there to advise the board on all matters of governance, and must possess the knowledge and experience to discharge these functions to the letter.

Many organisations fail to appoint someone with these essential competencies.

We have the knowledge and qualifications to do it all for you

  • Routine changes and filing of confirmation statements to Companies House
  • Maintenance of company statutory registers
  • Preparation and filing of annual accounts
  • Ongoing maintenance and easy access to company records
  • Providing notice of accounting deadlines
  • Ensuring the security of company legal documents
  • Creating policies for the filing and retention of documents

More than just keeping everything organised

With an exceptional team of dedicated professionals, and the latest technology at our fingertips, our systems are primed to help make your company run as smoothly as possible.

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